Ned and Kat met in spin class at a gym in
2005 and have been inseparable ever
since.  Common interests like hiking,
skiing, trail running, mountain bike riding,
jeeping, and vintage road and desert auto
racing have kept life exciting.  They also
share a mutual wanderlust and have
traveled extensively both in the United
States and in several exotic countries
around the world.  Whether backpacking
the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, enduring a
30 hour rickety train ride in Viet Nam,
desert racing 1,200 miles in Baja, Mexico,
or just crossing Nevada on dirt roads in
“Charlotte,” their home-on-wheels VW bus,
Ned and Kat are happiest in motion.
Prior to taking off on this life-time dream of
driving around the world, Ned's pursuits
have included bashing knuckles as a 4X4
mechanic/fabricator, pacifying customers as
owner of an auto repair business and
twisting words as a free-lance four wheel
drive journalist.  Ned is most proud of
raising his daughter, Emily, and introducing
her to world travel.  He is thrilled that today,
as an adult, she shares his passion for
exploring the cultures of foreign lands.  
Ned grew up on a cattle ranch in northern
Nevada where he first developed his love  
Kat has always considered herself
half business-minded and half
gypsy-goof-off.  She earned a BA in
business administration from UC
Berkeley in 1982, but freedom, being
a major priority, led her swiftly to
self-employment and a lifetime of
being able to devote time to goofing
off (which meant lots of travel and
outdoor sports).  Kat's passion for
adventure travel began with a two-
month solo backpack trip through
Europe and Israel after college.  
Mostly focused on health and
fitness, Kat's businesses have
included nutritional consulting and
personal training.  Most recently,
she has helped people with chronic
pain as an Egoscue certified
Posture Alignment Therapist.
At home in the Pine Nut Mountains
Backpacking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru
of things mechanical that go in dirt.  Many a poor VW, prior to
Charlotte, fell prey to his "modifications."  He attempted college at
University of Nevada, Reno and University of Colorado, Boulder but
his travel-bug got the better of both of them.  An Overland trip across
Africa in 1980 first inspired his dream of driving around the world.  
Mountain Biking at home Near
the Carson River
Kat is also the author of "Saving Charlotte, Fumbling Across America in a Reluctant VW Bus,"
available at online booksellers.

Ned and Kat are both retired now, enjoying life from both their home base in Minden, Nevada and
also from their wandering abode, Charlotte.
Running Imogene Pass,
Colorado at 13,114 ft Elevation
Exploring Slot Canyons in the Escalante
National Monument, Utah