Saving Charlotte
Reluctant VW Bus
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“We drove away in an unlicensed car that we did not legally own, complete with a bashed-in front end, a
badly cracked windshield, and a headlight propped in with duct tape, a tree branch and a piece of foam
found lying on the ground.  It was not an encouraging way to start our 3,000 mile journey!”  

Ever dream of buying a one-way airline ticket to purchase a sight-unseen, salvage titled automobile
and drive it across the country?  Join Kat and Ned as they “rescue” Charlotte, an unlicensed,
reluctant, but endearing VW Syncro bus who drags her wheels at first, but eventually really gets
rolling.  Kat and Ned had a vision of building up a Syncro into a cool, capable overland adventure
vehicle, dreaming of the advantages of “bus living.”  But would the dream turn into a nightmare?

The adventures and mis-adventures are hilarious, turning a four day drive from Connecticut to
Nevada into a two week escapade of mysterious mechanical issues, cop-dodging, heat waves, torrential
thunderstorms, missing credit cards, and Mississippi mud baths.

Can’t get out of Hartford…Can’t get out of Buffalo…Can’t get out of Elkhart…you can’t imagine
what can go wrong on a trip like this!

Charlotte balks, spits, sputters and lurches but never stalls, while Kat and Ned persevere, finding that,
in spite of her VW idiosyncrasies, Charlotte has a truly endearing soul.  They also find that their
dream of “bus living” has become an addictive reality.
South and North
Nevada to Argentina to Alaska - A
Circuitous Sojourn in a VW Syncro.
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Follow Ned, Kat and Charlotte (an intrepid1987 Volkswagen 4x4 Vanagon) as they wander the
Americas, turning the 10,000 crow-fly miles from Ushuaia, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska into
40,000 circuitous ones. With no route planning, no internet research and a penchant for bush camping
and remote, dirt tracks, Ned and Kat’s experiences and unexpected encounters while living on the
road will leave you breathless. With 2,300 fascinating photos and plenty of exciting, unpredictable and
electrifying stories, you will find yourself along for the ride of a lifetime.
“At 6am, December 21st, right on schedule, Ned and I looked at each other in the pre-dawn
dark of the bus, gulped a couple of times and said goodbye to all the comforts of home. The
future was now an immense unknown. I felt this crazy fluctuation of feelings bouncing
around somewhere between the anticipation of elated excitement and the apprehension of
sheer terror. But how incredibly fortunate we were; the road ahead was not so much a black
hole as a blank canvas.”    Excerpt from Charlottamiles South and North
From the vivid color and vibrancy of Mexico, to the jungles of Central America and the soaring
elevations of the Andes, Ned and Kat delve into a rich diversity of people, culture and food with
honesty, humor and insight.
“Following Charlotte and her human counterparts, Ned and Kat Bacon, through the
Americas is to live a vicarious adventure. Their plan was to “have no plan at all;” simply
travel south until they reached land’s-end. During this multi-year trek the trio navigates, in a
zig-zag kind of way, a gauntlet of third-world challenges with the prowess of a kayaker
through through Class-V rapids. They seek out the roads less traveled, immerse themselves in
foreign cultures, and savor the aroma of street food cuisine. I am inspired by those who step
away from the norm, take adventure into their own hands, and let the trip take them in the
direction that the wind blows.”     Chris Collard, Editor-in-Chief, Overland Journal
What a great story!  A must-read not only for the VW Bus crowd—but for the wanna- be’s
too!” S. Lucas Valdes – GoWesty Campers