Special Update from Home – I’m Alive! October 15, 2014


Special Update
Minden, Nevada
October 15, 2014*

*(This post is a copy of an email alert that was sent in October)

Hi everyone, I’m alive!

Thank you all for your warm wishes, thoughts and prayers.  I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us, but I really wanted to report when I was 100% well.  Unfortunately, it has been a rough road back to recovery.  My doctors and support staff have all been amazing, but we haven’t gotten me back to fighting condition. There are still lingering symptoms and complications (which will hopefully be sorted out in the next couple of weeks), but I am a lot better.  I have been able to get out for a few walks, a few errands, a few dinners out and, sadly, lots of doctor visits.    Although I love our adventure and am looking forward to getting back on the road in December, I am unbelievably happy to be home while going through all of this.  I have a lot of perspective to share on comfort zones in the blog I am currently working on (teaser photo of the incredible Atacama desert above).    Thanks again for your many thoughtful emails, and keep your eyes out for the new blog in the next few days!

Hugs and best wishes to all of you, Kat



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