Find out how we got
Charlotte and how she got
her name!
"Saving Charlotte"
Fumbling Across America
with a Reluctant VW Bus
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After months of preparation, we hopped in Charlotte (our beloved 4x4 Vanagon Syncro)
and drove to the southern-most tip of South America, spending fourteen extraordinary
months camping and living on the road.  Then, in April 2016, a keen desire to finish our
North-South tour of the Americas led to two months exploring western Canada and
Alaska, eventually arriving at the top of the world...Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

As with all of our adventures, our biggest plan for the Americas was to have no plan at
all.  Feeling extremely fortunate, however, to be in a position to travel, we are strongly
motivated to share our experiences and adventures through continuing blog posts and
books.  We love having you along for the ride!

We still intend to ship Charlotte to Europe
for a year or more of wandering, but for now,
life at home has been rich and rewarding.  We will continue to post blogs on our
shorter-term adventures, like
our upcoming trips to Israel and Paris in November and
New Zealand in February and March
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Now for the Big Announcement!

Our entire blog, all 2,187 pages and 2,300 color photos, has been published as an eBook
(it was too big to produce in paper!) called,
Charlottamiles South and North - Nevada to
Argentina to Alaska - A Circuitous Sojourn in a VW Syncro.
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description or go to
Amazon Kindle or iBooks.

Whether having adventures of your own or enjoying life at home, we wish the best for all
of you!

Ned and Kat

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Welcome to our Travel/Blog Website!
As many of you know, Ned and Kat have had a long-time
dream of driving around the world, and in December of 2013,
they finally began realizing their vision...
Follow Ned, Kat and Charlotte (an intrepid 1987 Volkswagen 4x4 Vanagon) as they wander
the Americas, turning the 10,000 crow-fly miles from Ushuaia, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay,
Alaska into 40,000 circuitous ones. With no route planning, no Internet research and a
penchant for bush camping and remote, dirt tracks, Ned and Kat’s experiences and
unexpected encounters while living on the road will leave you breathless. With 2,300
fascinating photos and plenty of exciting, unpredictable and electrifying stories, you will
find yourself along for the ride of a lifetime.
At 6am, December 21st, right on schedule, Ned and I looked at each other in
the pre-dawn dark of the bus, gulped a couple of times and said goodbye to
all the comforts of home. The future was now an immense unknown. I felt
this crazy fluctuation of feelings bouncing around somewhere between the
anticipation of elated excitement and the apprehension of sheer terror. But
how incredibly fortunate we were; the road ahead was not so much a black
hole as a blank canvas.”    
Excerpt from Charlottamiles South and North
From the vivid color and vibrancy of Mexico, to the jungles of Central America and the
soaring elevations of the Andes, Ned and Kat delve into a rich diversity of people, culture
and food with honesty, humor and insight.
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